Facilities, Expertise, and Methods


AST is housed in a purpose-built laboratory facility co-located with the Department of Health and Human Services Public Health microbiology laboratory.

Within this facility our highly-qualified staff have access to modern scientific equipment and analytical instrumentation to perform rapid, sensitive analysis. Our analytical instrumentation includes: 

  • GC/MS, 
  • GC triple quad, 
  • LC triple quad, 
  • HPLC DAD, 
  • ASE, 
  • SPE, 
  • SPME, 
  • GC-FID, 
  • GC-ECD, 
  • P&T, 
  • ICP-AES, 
  • ICP-MS within a positive pressure environment to minimise contamination, 
  • Mercury CVAFS, 
  • IC, 
  • DA, 
  • FIA, 
  • autotitrators, 
  • scanning UV/Vis, 
  • modern microscopes with image processing and proven technologies.



AST staff are from varied backgrounds and bring a broad range of expertise in analytical and environmental chemistry and algal taxonomy to both the organisation and its customers. 

As a medium-sized, independent laboratory we offer customers a personalised and flexible approach, and encourage you to discuss the planning of field programs, or any unusual analyses or problems with our experts.



Analytical methods used at AST are based on well-established referenced procedures such as those published by the American Public Health Association (APHA), United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA), and Australian Standards, as well as those set out in legislative requirements and guidelines such as Australian Drinking Water Guidelines, Biosolids Reuse Guidelines, the NEPM, and Solid Wastes Disposal Guidelines. 

We accommodate specific testing needs with tailored testing programs, just contact our expert chemists or biologists to discuss. 


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