Biotoxin Test Result Information for Oyster Growers

Analytical Services Tasmania is now sending Biotoxin results directly to growers. 

This will allow growers to make informed decisions based on up-to-date information as soon as it is available.  Growers will receive results for growing areas that they currently work within, as agreed in conjunction with Oysters Tasmania.

A trial phase has begun, as of Monday 6 August 2018 and will include reports sent in PDF format via email.  A link to download free PDF reader software is included on each of these emails. If you have any feedback or suggestions during this phase please let us know. 

This guided document How To Read a Biotoxin Report may provide some explanations about the information and results growers will be receiving.

The next phase will be result summaries being sent by SMS, for PST Screen and Confirmations, and for Total AST and DST. 

If your contact details change please advise the laboratory at your earliest convenience to ensure that the correct people are receiving the results they require.

If you have questions relating to submitting samples, technical aspects of the testing, or would like an update of when results will be available, please contact the laboratory.

If you have questions relating to interpreting your results against the TSQAP Biotoxin Management Plan, please contact TSQAP on 6165 3771,

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