Major upgrade to our Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS)

Analytical Services Tasmania (AST) has a major business upgrade planned for March 2024.
Our current laboratory information management system (LIMS) ‘Beaker’ is being replaced with a contemporary proprietary system, Labware.
The LIMS integrates every activity undertaken at AST from analytical testing to finance information. Our analysis of the impact of this change, and subsequent strategies to mitigate issues arising, leaves a small number of vulnerabilities to our production efficiency within the first weeks.
Please contact AST if you have any urgent programs of work planned for March so we can manage these accordingly (​).

Why are we changing?
Beaker is an old system that is reaching end of life. The change is essential for us to continue to provide the best possible service using a modern software system that supports future innovation. 

What improvements will you notice on day one?
New Sample Receipt Notification format, including an ability to attach additional documentation, such as submission forms to email communication. 
Improved result report format (Certificate of Analysis). 
More detailed export files with chemistry and algal results integrated into one file. 

What will change?
The names of parameters (tests) have been reviewed and in some cases updated.
All reports, quotes and invoices will be sent from the AST Client Services email address ( - please look out for this sender in your in-box, rather than the address . 
Nutrients tests will have new method numbers. Further details will be sent separately to affected customers.
AST has worked hard to develop in-house expertise in the system giving us the ability to develop further improvements in the future. 

How will the transition be managed?
From 4 March 2024 Labware will go live and all new submissions after this date (except the biotoxin testing program) will be registered, reported, and invoiced from this system. 
Biotoxin testing will migrate during the second half of March and customers will be contacted separately at the beginning of March.
The Beaker system will be maintained and available as contingency, and for accessing historical data and records for those requiring them. 

What do you need to do?
Programming and testing of the new system has been underway for over 12 months and we expect a smooth transition. However, with any change there is some learning and adjusting and hence a risk of delays. 
We ask for your patience during this time and that you let us know of any urgent programs of work during the next few months so that critical testing can be managed and prioritised.

We would encourage you to communicate with us and welcome any feedback on the new system. Communication can be directed to​.

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