Testing services for private water suppliers

​​​​Analytical Services Tasmania is able to provide a NATA-accredited testing service to private water suppliers to assist them to meet their drinking water regulation requirements.

A private water supplier obtains their drinking water from sources other than those supplied by TasWater, for example from tanks capturing rain water, from a river, bore or some other source. If the water is available to customers or the public for drinking then the water may need to be tested periodically to check it is safe and of sufficient quality to avoid health risks.

Tasmania has many locations that are not supplied by reticulated (mains) water where this might apply.

Typical businesses that are not supplied by TasWater that might be required to test include:

  • Accommodation (e.g. Bed and Breakfasts, hotels, motels, caravan parks, camp grounds) including those that do not serve food
  • Childcare, out-of-school care, school sites including camps
  • Recreation facilities and reserves, including sporting clubs, community halls and other social facilities
  • Hospitals, aged care, and health care facilities
  • Cafes, tea rooms, cellar doors, etc.

Additional information about AST's testing services for private water suppliers:

  AST Private Water Suppliers 2017   (3Mb)


Further information is available from your local council and the Tasmanian Public Health Service.


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