Our Services

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​At AST our highly qualified staff provide NATA accredited general and specialised analytical chemistry and algal testing services. This includes testing and monitoring water quality, testing and monitoring soils, and testing biological material like fish and shellfish. 

A broad range of analytical tests are available including general physical-chemical tests, bulk property and sewage tests, nutrients (including low level), bacterial endotoxins, anions and sulphur compounds, cyanides, metals and mercury, hydrocarbons, pesticides, volatiles and alcohols, disinfection by-products, PAHs, PCBs, perfluorinated compounds, nitrosamines, algal and shellfish toxins.

These testing services support compliance monitoring requirements, drinking water compliance monitoring, waste and effluent compliance monitoring, solid waste classification, contaminated site assessment and NEPM requirements, environmental monitoring, water seepage identification, hospital steriliser water compliance monitoring, and research program support.

We provide one-off and regular testing services as required by our clients. Specific client needs can be accommodated with tailored testing programs.