Regular Analysis Projects with AST


When testing needs to occur on a regular basis, and testing involves the same sites and analysis on a repeated schedule, AST can help keep things on track.

AST Sample Projects partially automates the sample submission process. By establishing projects for recurring analysis with AST, there can be savings to your time and effort on sampling day.



There are numerous advantages: 

  • recurring bottle orders are automatically sent to you according to your sampling schedule;
  • submission forms can be templated and pre-filled with established information and instructions;
  • analysis for each sample is pre-chosen;
  • the test report goes to the same personnel every submission; and
  • data export file types for completed test reports are specific to your requirements.

The only new information required for each analysis is sampling times, dates, and sampler/submitter. The remaining submission form is pre-filled with the AST Project information. 

If you do not have access to your usual submission form, or have forgotten the testing requirements, writing “as per project” on the back of the form is sufficient, and in most cases preferable. 

Please contact us if you feel that this process may be of use to you. Our Client Services team will be happy to assist you to set up projects as required.

Please Note: It is important to notify us if your project testing requirements change so that the information we are providing you is up-to-date and meets your requirements. 

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