Algal Testing

‚ÄčAST offers a NATA accredited service for identification and enumeration of algae species in fresh and marine waters.

Testing includes the identification and enumeration of potentially toxic cyanobacteria and marine algae for environmental monitoring, compliance monitoring, agricultural water use, research support, seafood safety and export compliance.

microscope image


Where potentially toxic organisms are identified, the laboratory is able to provide chemical analysis to confirm the presence or absence of algal toxins in waters, algal material, fish and shellfish.

Samples for algal analyses should be taken in a purple labelled plastic bottle provided by the laboratory. Preservation occurs at the laboratory if required or by the sampler out in the field by prior arrangement with laboratory staff.

If Microcystin analysis is also required, a 1L amber glass bottle sample is to be taken in addition to the purple labelled plastic bottle.

AST also offers shellfish algal biotoxin testing for growers and exporters for compliance testing requirements and food safety.

Please contact the laboratory for assistance with selecting analyses and bottle types before sampling.

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