Submission Forms

Sample submissions should ideally be accompanied by a fully completed and signed AST Sample Submission Form. 

  Water Submission Form   (214Kb) 

    Water Submission Editable   (164Kb)

  Soil/Solids Submission Form   (181Kb) 

  Soil Submission Editable   (137Kb)

  Biota/Miscellaneous Submission Form   (105Kb) 

  Miscellaneous Submission Editable   (131Kb)

If you are unsure how to fill in a sample submission form please see the following information sheet

  How to complete an AST submission form   (1Mb)

Please Note: Poorly collected samples, poorly labelled samples, or samples stored and dispatched in an undesirable manner may not be suitable for testing, or may compromise results. 

If you have any questions please contact us‚Äč. 

By discussing your testing requirements with one of our scientists you will be receiving expert advice about how you should package and submit your sample.

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