Useful Resources

​​Testing Guidelines

  • Water Quality Australia provides information and guidelines about water for drinking water, irrigation water, recreational water, as well as effluent, sewage and recycling water for various purposes.
  • Australian Drinking Water Guidelines has information on recommended levels of various chemical compounds in drinking water. See chapter 10 Table 10.6 of the downloadable 1147 page guideline document for health and aesthetic values.
  • The Tasmanian Public Health Service – Drinking Water Quality page has many useful links and information pertinent to Tasmania including treated water supplies, rural water supplies, commercial water carriers, private water suppliers, water quality guidelines and reports, and rainwater tanks
  • NEPM (Assessment of site contamination) Schedule B3 – Guideline on laboratory analysis of potentially contaminated soils (86 page pdf)
  • Packaged water must comply with the Australia and New Zealand food standards code and the Tasmanian food act. Currently the ANZFSC standard  references the World Health Organisation guideline limits for packaged water: Annex Table A3.3



​​AST Resources and Information

  • ​AST brochures
  AST Brochure   (4Mb)
  AST Private Water Suppliers   (3Mb)


​​Useful Links


Educational and Community Information

  • Natural Resource Management (NRM) in Tasmania:

      North West (Cradle Coast Authority)

  • Rain water tank information

      Your Home – Australia’s guide to environmentally sustainable homes
      CSIRO top rain water tank tips
      Rainwater tanks government guide (64 page pdf)


Scientific Inform​ation

  • Algaebase database of information including terrestrial, marine and freshwater organisms